Shannon Ritter

4th year Journalism student at Liberty University, interested in news, sports and feature writing.

The Life of an Introverted Christian

Is there really such a thing? I am slightly more introverted than extroverted, according to several personality quizzes (also according to my God-given DNA). What exactly does that mean to me? It means that I would be more than happy to talk to almost anyone–just as long as the other person initiates the conversation. Striking up random discussion with strangers takes conscious effort on my part. I really have to try. Not because I don’t like to talk to others or because I’m impersonal, but bec

Shannon's Intern Experience

I am a journalism student. I spend the majority of my time reading, writing, reporting, and just trying to become better at what I do. When I began thinking about what I wanted to do for internships, if we’re being honest, a nonprofit was not in the forefront my mind. However, after an entire semester of working for one, I am so incredibly glad I did. I have learned things about dedication, hard work, and stepping out of your comfort zone here that a for-profit may never be able to teach me. I t

Why Eye Care?

The reasons behind Humbly I Serve’s mission to reach people through the gift of vision We could dig deep into all the facts and statistics about visual impairment to describe why Humbly I Serve uses eye care to reach out to those in need. Statistics are great; they give us the ‘big picture’. They can provide those “WOW!” moments when used to shock a crowd. However, the problem with statistics is that, over time, those numbers become devalued to exactly that – just numbers. Although each number

HIS Vision Project Reaches Locals Through Sponsor Sight Program

Proper vision can be the deciding factor between a child getting a complete, healthy education or that same child missing out on everyday learning because s/he cannot see the board at the front of the room. The National Commission on Vision and Health states that “80 percent of learning occurs through the eyes” and “healthy eyes and vision are important to a child’s ability to succeed in school and later in life.” Unfortunately, vision health has become a serious public health problem in the U.

Moving Haiti Forward

A quick look into the intricate life of Dr. Jeff Losier There are 196 countries around the globe. Billions of people simultaneously going about their day; trillions of dollars being spent; thousands upon thousands of miles being traveled. When compared to the rest of the world, Haiti is quite small. Located in the Caribbean, Haiti is home to 10 million people, but the size of Haiti does not prevent it from undergoing severe poverty. The lack of work is so prominent that the average Haitian live ...